Institut pro ženy se stal partnerem projektu Úspěšná žena, který realizuje Rovnovážka, z.s. Projekt se zaměřuje na podporu rovných příležitostí žen na trhu práce. Termín realizace: říjen 2019 …

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English Insitute for Women

Everyone comes into the world with a specific mission, qualities and abilities to plan own lives. Unfortunately, no one in our neighborhood can say what is our mission and goals in life. The answer is hidden inside us and just we can use our thinking, feeling, intuition to find it.

Institute for women helps women and also men open their minds. Institute wants to be an inspiration and a guide in learning new. It supports personal development of individuals. Institute helps to find force for develop yourself.


Our credo

To OPEN women to have a courage.  

It´s based on FEELING, not science.                                                               

Don´t do it by force, but by UNDERSTANDING.             

RESPECT feminine principals.


Our target group

Our target group is women of all spectrums of environment – young women, women with low level of education, unemployment women, mothers with children (single parents), elderly women, starting women entrepreneur, business women etc.


Seat of Institute is in Ostrava. Ostrava is the capital of the Moravian-Silesian region. And it is the third largest city in the Czech Republic with the third largest population - 311 650 people. It´s an important communication and transportation hub of northern Moravia and Silesia. The city has undergone a radical transformation in the past two decades – from a powerhouse of heavy industry to a center for modern technologies, trade, culture and sport. The effect of restructuring is that the Moravian-Silesian region has the second highest unemployment rate in the Czech Republic (12,36 % to 31.12.2010; 9,6 % men, 10,9 % women). So we know problems flowing from unemployment and we are working with people in difficult life situation.

   Town Hall of Ostrava        Shaft  Tower        Ostrava Airport - Mošnov    

National activities

Institute realize for its clients effective courses that help them harmonize their life and eliminate stress. We use modern method and change attitude in training.

Our courses:

Feng Shui· Numerology · Emotional Freedom Techniques· Meditation ·   Thai Monastic massage · Reiki


The Hlídáček Hledáček Centre (Coworking Centre for starting enterpreneurs) - The target group of project are all women which want to start own business. Throuht the project, we aim to empower the women with necessary skills, knowledge and congidence to explore self-employment in order to generate better conditions for their inclusion into society again.                                                 http://coworkingovecentrum.cz/

Ace up Sleeve - Support for women to return on labor market.

Strong Duo - We support older women that can make handmade product, but they can´t sell it. And also   young women, that help older women with sale by internet platform. We teach these women how to sell, in PC skills and provide them counseling. (closed)                       http://www.kreativnidarky.cz

Keys to Future -  We support older women how to be successful women entrepreneur. Women gain motivational and counseling courses, driving lessons and change theirs appearance.   Women improved their PC skills and learnt about business. (closed)                                                                  http://www.mojeklice.cz

Healthy School - Institutehelps also young people. Support is based on the struggle against sociopathological phenomenons. (closed)                                                                      http://www.sps-zdravaskola.cz/



International activities

  • Rechance BIZ - Raise up self - Employment through entrepreneurship development, Program Leonardo da Vinci - PartnershipThe project aims to investigate the barriers, concerns and problems young people (18-30) and older people (50+) have when trying to increase their personal lifestyles through self-employment.
    It is widely recognized that these target groups are facing extreme difficult circumstances due to the economic climate throughout Europe.
    Through the project, we aim to empower the target groups with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to explore self-employment in order to generate better conditions for their inclusion into society again.
    At the same time the project will have a positive impact on the community sustainable development through social entrepreneurship initiatives and the creation of micro businesses.
  • E-Chance 2.0 for women entrepreneurship, Program Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of InnovationWe advise women entrepreneur how use new technologies for business. It save them theirs time and help harmonize theirs works life with family. http://www.echance2.eu/index.php   


How we work

We use alternative and efficient method as Blended learning, Mentoring, Networking, Rounded tables, Storytelling, Self-learning, Self-understanding.

We are still searching new methods in area of education and we would like exchange experience.

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contact us: lenka@institutprozeny.cz